Building on years of experience and application expertise, here Hong Dang Industrial Oils & Chemicals is confidently to help you develop lubrication solutions so you can:

  • Overcome unique challenges
  • Lower total operation costs
  • Keep equipment running at peak efficiency

We will help you implement practices that enhance operations, improve safety, minimize environmental impacts and streamline maintenance. Our experts can also help you better understand the condition of your industrial lubricants and equipment, reach even higher levels of productivity.

  • Automative Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food & Pharma
  • Plastic Injection
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Steel & Mining Industries
  • Metal Processing Industry
  • Brick & Cement
  • Wood & Textile
  • Power Generation
  • Fleet & Trucks
  • Refrigeration System

PETROFER, formed in 1948 in Germany, is our preferred Partner for the supply of this specialized range of products. PETROFER’s metal working fluids are approved by various OEM’s and customers such as Aichelin Unitherm, AIRBUS, ABB, Bosch Rexroth, Buhler, Boeing, BMW, Daimler, Frech, Ford, Gleason, GM, Ipsen, Inductotherm, Junker, Kapp Niles, Liebherr, Makino, Nagel, Rolls Royce, Saffran, Schaeffler, Seco Warwick, Voith, Volkswagen, Welmech, Walter, ZF, etc…

From metalworking, steel mills, casting plants, heat treatment companies through to the paper making industry, combining with qualified product, we also provide a regular inspection service for the fluids used in your equipment, helping you to keep your production processes running smoothly, while optimizing the service life of the metal working fluids and hydraulic components.

General manufacturing is all about efficient production, whether you’re making beverage or steel, plastics, cosmetic, electronic, machine parts or furniture…. Our world-class synthetic and premium mineral-based oils and greases from famous brands such as: Mobil, Shell, Idemitsu, Zerust are designed to protect manufacturing equipment, helping plants run more productively and efficiently. 
We gladly provide the lubrication solutions you need to enhance equipment life and reliability while minimizing maintenance downtime and costs.
Food and Pharma facilities face unique challenges. Not only must you strive for maximum productivity, but also must you guard against the possibility of food contamination, including contamination from lubricating oils and greases. Our supplied product’s range of NSF H1-registered and Halal and Kosher (Parve) certified lubricants and greases, will provide complete safety against hazardous contamination. Especially, our Mobil SHC Cibus™ oils and Mobil SHC Polyrex™ greases with NSF & Food Grade standard also provide excellent performance and make your machinery last longer, eliminate break downs and provide complete peace of mind.

We provide a comprehensive suite of products, services and application expertise to help:

– Enhance your productivity

Ensure your lubricants are compatible with your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) risk-management lubrication plan

– You pass compliance audits

– Keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently

We can help you enhance and ensure food-safe production while getting more out of your equipment.

As a plastics manufacturer, you expect your equipment to produce high-quality parts and products, unit after unit, whether you’re producing in long runs or short custom campaigns.
Both Shell and Mobil™ industrial lubricants have a long and successful record of service in the plastics industry. Our complete line of hydraulic oils, gear and compressor oils, fluids, and greases are formulated to help keep your operation running efficiently so you stay competitive.
We know plastics. Let our lubricants help you get the most out of your operation.

In the pulp, paper and forestry industry, efficiency is key to being competitive. Whether you’re producing newsprint, fine papers or corrugated boxboard; your equipment has to run continuously and efficiently. Otherwise, you’re losing time and money.

Building on our years of service to the industry, Shell and Mobil™ industrial lubrication solutions are well suited for the harsh environments found in pulp and paper production. In addition, Hong Dang Industrial Oils & Chemicals bring full range of specialty chemicals for Tissue Paper production from Petrofer Industrial Oil & Chemicals to Vietnam Paper Industry.

Steel manufacturing is a tough process putting high demands on lubricants. Extreme loads, caustic and humid environments and high temperatures make it extremely challenging for lubricants to work optimally. PETROFER offers a complete range of lubricants for the steel industry, including OEM-approved products with years of proven performance, especially ULTRA-SAFE 620 is utmost preferred brand in Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, as well as advanced problem-solving synthetic oils and greases.

Besides, today’s mining equipment often runs at maximum stress and heavy loads. Machine elements are expected to run reliable for a long time. Conventional lubricants are unable to withstand such demands. The result can be fatal since equipment breakdowns on site can severely compromise your project schedule and prevent your company from earning revenue. With Shell & Mobil’s lubricants, you can count on maximizing your equipment uptime and in return your profitability. These lubricants are formulated to improve equipment performance, reduce downtime, cut operating costs and extend equipment life. Our greases, oils and fluids for mining are formulated to deliver outstanding equipment protection over an extreme range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Whether your machine manufactures simple fasteners or complex gear sets, precision manufacturing, tool life and uptime are critical to your success and profitability. We are here to supply you the proven lubricants and expertise to help you every step of the way. Our full range of lubricants from prestigious Petrofer & Master Fluid Solutions under TRIM brand-name – including neat cutting fluid and aqueous cutting fluid – are formulated with product compatibility in mind since machine and machine tool lubricants are often comingled. Our lubricants are designed to work together and minimize the impact of cross-contamination.
In addition to our high-performance metalworking lubricants and fluids, we provide a range of technical services to help keep your machine running at peak efficiency while also extending tools, machine and oil life, reducing downtime and lowering operating costs.
The cement and concrete industry have some of toughest operating conditions in the industrial marketplace, including heavy loads, shock loads, temperature extremes, exposure to the elements and the constant presence of contaminants such as cement dust. The production of building materials goes on around the clock. Consequently, components such as the bearings and gears in your rotary kilns, mills, roller presses and crushers are incessantly subject to wear. Selecting the right lubricant is therefore essential. A wrong choice may lead to premature failure of a component and in the worst-case production stoppage entailing high maintenance costs and loss of turnover. Our Mobil™ & Shell lubricants guarantee high-quality oils and greases to improve your productivity and avoid unplanned downtime.

Lubricants used in the wood-processing industry are subject to high requirements, in particular when used in continuous presses for particle board production, where temperatures as high as 250 °C may occur. Standard oils are far from sufficient for lubricating steel belts, chains and bolts. Instead, you need a high-performance specialty lubricant, which is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also protects reliably against wear while forming as little residue as possible. We bring to you some reliable names as Mobil™, Shell and Idemitsu to solve these requirements.

Changing atmospheric humidity, temperature fluctuations and high loads are just some of the challenges affecting textile production. At the same time, the textile industry wants to act in a sustainable manner in order to live up to its own entrepreneurial responsibility and protect the environment. Lubricants designed for the needs of the textile industry made by DOW CHEMICAL – now in our line is DOWTHERM T – contribute to compliance with these requirements, delivering increased productivity that forms part of the sustainability improvement plan at the customer.

At Hong Dang Industrial Oils & Chemicals, we work with industry leaders to provide high-quality products which work to lower costs and meet environmental standards, while searching for new products and applications to meet developing technology. We have a large, and growing, collection of products that meet or exceed government environmental regulations and work to lower maintenance costs and improve the longevity of equipment and tools.

Coal Fired Electric power installations have unique needs and specifications – DOW CHEMICAL knows this and has products that are formulated to meet those requirements.

Hydro Electric power plants have to operate in high humidity and wet environments. Meanwhile, Wind and Solar Electric power installations have unique needs and specifications – Mobil™ knows those requirements and has products that are formulated to meet those needs.

Mobil™ industrial lubricants are formulated to help hydroelectric equipment operate effectively, which includes excellent water separability for enhanced uptime and equipment protection. In addition to specialized lubricants, we can also provide a turbine lubrication system and oil preparation, as well as post-commissioning lubrication-related services.

Whether you’re an owner, an operator or fleet manager, you need to keep those wheels turning – and you need a partner who is going to be with you over the long haul.
Backed by more than 150 years of expertise, Mobil™ heavy-duty lubricants are designed to protect your fleet and keep your vehicles on the road and out of the garage.
While keeping your equipment running at peak condition, our industry-leading products – including Mobil Delvac™ & Shell Rimula – can extend oil drain intervals, lowering costs through reduced lubricant consumption, labor and disposal costs.
 We also provide services that help you maximize every mile. Our Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis program can help you monitor engine performance for data on your vehicle’s health, so small problems don’t become bigger issues down the road. We can also work with you to create a structured lubrication management program to optimize vehicle reliability and help lower your total cost of ownership. 

Lubricants are essential for the performance and longevity of a refrigeration system. The choice of lubricant depends on the system, the refrigerant and the type of application. The range of refrigeration lubricants available at our warehouse including Mobil Gargoyle Artic Oil and Shell Refrigeration Oil has been carefully selected to guarantee a qualified portfolio of well-known brand names in a full range of viscosity’s and packaging sizes. Our Refrigeration Oils experts are able to offer assistance in selecting the correct lubricant for your particular cooling application.


For cleaning of component surfaces, we offer a broad range of industrial cleaners. Developed using the latest findings from research and technology, while taking into account ecology and occupational safety, these products satisfy the requirements of all modern cleaning applications. Our cleaners ensure long service life with low maintenance. We offer tailored cleaners, whether as individual products or as custom designed system solutions for manufacturing processes.


Our rust preventives are highly effective in all industrial processes, and particularly for protecting finish machined, high value components. The product range comprises oils, water dilutable products, dewatering fluids, wax containing fluids and special formulations. Many products are barium or VOC free and so are an environmentally preferable solution.

No job is too big, too small or too far. Speak to Hong  Dang Industrial Oils & Chemicals about your needs.