Heat Transfer Fluid

Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2 High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid

Shell Gadus Grease Family is a comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs. The Gadus ranges include multipurpose greases that are designed to help simplify your product inventory, as well as specialty greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic products designed for the most severe extreme-temperature and long-life applications, and a range of open-gear lubricants. Whether you need greases for steel production, mining, construction, power generation, general or automotive manufacturing, other applications or your vehicles, Shell has a grease designed to best meet your challenges.

Shell Gadus Grease lowers your maintenance needs and protects against wear while improving equipment efficiency. Without high quality, thick grease, you can’t always be sure that your systems are running at full capacity.

Shell Gadus grease comes in three different viscosity grades and two different levels.